FSCONS Stigmergy

Stigmergy is a mechanism of indirect coordination between agents or actions. The principle is that the trace left in the environment by an action stimulates the performance of a next action, by the same or a different agent. (Wikipedia)

At FSCONS there were lots and lots of examples of fantastic ongoing projects. At the talks I visited, there were also four different new project ideas that came up. As far as I could tell, no communities were formed around them, which means you could be the one getting things rolling. Do we have any takers? 🙂

1. Permaculture

A wiki collecting empirical experience of plant relations in different ecological contexts. Denis Jaromil Roio showed in his talk how plant dependencies can be tracked as if they were software library dependencies. Next step: a model using that data to predict the outcome of a planned permaculture system, and suggest improvements. Third step: Permaculture – the strategy game.

2. Home industry unionizing

A database of price offerings based on decentralized input, in order to change power relations built on information asymmetry. Next step: a social structure where home industry workers may build communities and coordinate specific demands on a local, national or transnational level. According to Malin Nilsson, there are already examples of home industry workers in the US coordinating demands using internet.

3. GPL in employee contracts

The employee contracts at Finnish software company Nemein states that the software they develop will be released under GPL. Johan Söderberg argued that free software could ensure greater mobility for programmers, strengthening their bargaining power. Someone needs to interview employees and managers at Nemein, and look for other companies with similar policies. By providing other FLOSS companies with a good documentation of this and a strong case for applying it, this practice could turn more widespread. We could envision a standard clause endorsed by free software organizations.

4. The file sharing grandparents

Two hundred grandparents show up at the police office, admitting to the crime of having shared a particular song with the world through the internet, without asking the artist for permission. This DoS-attack opens another debate on the pointlessness of criminalizing file sharing. Mathias Klang elaborated on the idea in his talk (while taking care not to advocate it).

2 thoughts on “FSCONS Stigmergy

  1. Permakultur, ja. Jag besökte nyligen en sådan plantage i Spanien och det var Mycket Rogivande. Däremot ser jag inga större teknologiska framsteg här – tydligen är datorövervakad trädgårdskonst mycket vanlig i nederländska marijuanaodlingar, eftersom plantorna är väldigt känsliga i olika faser av sitt liv om mängd skörd eller THC-mängd ska optimeras på olika sätt. Plantorna är ympade vilket skapar lägre resistens mot sjukdomar och tålighet (genetiskt förfall över typ åtta generationer). Vill minnas att man kan få en populärskildring (fiktiv) version av sådana processer i Douglas Couplands jPod också (det är mamman!!). Boken är superbra och bör läsas oavsett.

  2. Intressant! Ska kolla upp boken. Det passet handlade om var inte så teknologiskt egentligen, inte övervakning eller automatisering utan informationshantering. För att planera ett bra ekosystem behöver man hålla en massa kunskaper i huvudet om vilka växter som fungerar bra bredvid andra osv. Det verkar saknas en systematisering av de kunskaperna, och där skulle en klok kodare kunna göra en insats!


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